Modern Slavery Statement

1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022

New Horizons is committed to upholding human rights and acting with integrity.

As an enterprise founded on recognising basic human dignity, New Horizons takes its commitment to counter modern slavery practices seriously. One of the most endemic violations of human rights at a global level, organisations can no longer turn a blind eye to the exploitation of humans for commercial gain.

New Horizons is committed to upholding human rights and acting with integrity for our people and the wider community. This includes our commitment to take action to address the risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chain and to partner with suppliers who share our values.

While we consider our direct impact in relation to modern slavery practices during the Reporting Period remained low, we continue to focus on developing a strong modern slavery response guided by the principles set out in the United Nations Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In 2022, we issued our second Modern Slavery Statement, which outlines how we continued efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in its operations and supply chains during the Reporting Period. 

Our commitment over the coming 12 months is to progress the implementation of our due diligence processes and grievance mechanisms, and we aim to commence the development of processes that assess the effectiveness of our actions. Using the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we endeavour to implement management processes and controls to integrate our findings, track our progress and to provide effective relief to individuals and communities impacted by modern slavery.

We are proud to play an active role in the fight to end this abuse of human rights.

Geographic risk level: Low

We consider the geographic risk of our suppliers to be low given 99% of our direct suppliers are based in Australia. Most of our direct overseas suppliers are based in countries which have a strong rule of law and mechanisms that protect human rights. We acknowledge that New Horizons may be linked to modern slavery practices through its second and third-tier suppliers that operate in or procure goods and services from, nations that report high occurrences of labour and human rights violations and socioeconomic factors like poverty and widespread discrimination.

Sector and industry risk level: Low

The sectors that we deal with at New Horizons primarily involve the charity and not for profits, health care, housing and property sectors. These sectors are heavily regulated in Australia and generally allow for reasonable visibility over lower tier suppliers. We appreciate we may be linked to modern slavery practices further down our supply chain where some of our suppliers operate in, or are connected, to industries that involve low-paying, low skilled or hazardous work, such as extractive operations, electrical component assembly or cleaning industries or are located in geographical areas that may have a higher risk of modern slavery.

Product and services risk: Low

We procure services such as cleaning, electrical, information technology and general maintenance. The workers in these supply chains may be from vulnerable populations, including workers from migrant, low socioeconomic or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. While we consider the modern slavery risk associated with these products and services to be low in our case, the above factors elevate the risk of modern slavery practices.

Supply chain model risks: Low

We have assessed our supply chain model risks as low based on available information. We have a large and complex supply chain, with over 700 suppliers during the Reporting Period. We acknowledge the size of our supply chain makes it difficult to identify and monitor modern slavery practices further down our supply chain. This lack of full transparency creates a risk that we may be linked to modern slavery.

To read the New Horizons Modern Slavery statement in full, please click on the link below