Property Type: House
Generously-sized self-contained villa with easy access to the beach, public transport and community services hub.
About the vacancy & property

This single-storey property is divided into separate units, each offering unique and comfortable living spaces.

Residents enjoy the privacy of self-contained villas, while also benefitting from shared spaces to relax and entertain guests. 

The property is also conveniently located in close proximity to the beach, public transport, community hubs, as well as a local pharmacy and hospital nearby.

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Safety and security
  • Lockable gate to enter back or property
  • Spotlights throughout the property
  • Free standing staff demountable office buildings out the back of the property
  • Lockable doors on all units front and back
  • Grab rails alongside stairs entering units
  • On-Site Overnight Assistance (24/7 Care)
  • On-site Day care
  • On-Street Parking
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Direct access to yard/ garden
  • Garden
  • BBQ
  • On-Street Parking
  • Off-Street Parking
  • On-site vehicle
About the community
  • This is a beautiful house located two blocks away from the beach

  • Easy access to public transport, short walk to IGA and local shopping centre

  • Local pharmacy only 11 away; local hospital 15 mins away

  • There is plenty of on-street parking for visitors

About our helpful staff

There are 2 full time staff, 3 part time staff and regular casuals that support the customers each day. They are caring, friendly, and passionate about giving the customers every opportunity to do whatever it is they choose and overcoming any hurdles that may arise in the process of achieving their goals.

About our current residents

Our Merewether residents are friendly and outgoing, and love to socialise together in the backyard. They also like to participate in pampering days, going out into the community, and engaging in gardening activities. They have takeout nights on Saturdays and a group barbecue on Sundays for lunch. 

They are happy and outgoing individuals.

SIL Ref#: 016

Good to know

  • Conveniently located property
  • Single-storey
  • Own kitchen and bathroom
  •  Shared spaces for lounging activities
  • 24/7 staff available

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