Nurture Your Child's Development with Baby Map

Baby Map: Supporting families to thrive in a new environment

Baby Map was born 2.5 years ago when we set out to empower parents to understand their child’s development, regardless of their background or experience, with practical & useful tools for optimal child development.

This program offers essential resources to refugee parents and caregivers worldwide, helping them understand their baby’s journey at every stage of life.

Now available in 13 languages, Baby Map provides a comprehensive library of animated videos accessible on YouTube.

These short, engaging videos, six in each language, guide parents through crucial developmental stages from birth to age 3. 

Navigate your child’s new beginnings with Baby Map via six animated videos 

Give your 0-3 year old the best start in life with Baby Map! This innovative video series, created specifically for refugee parents and caregivers, features 6 short, engaging animations that explore the crucial role of play, joy, and attachment in your child’s healthy development.

Access resources in your own language, ensuring you have the information you need, regardless of your background.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Nurture your child’s happiness and well-being. Learn how to create a playful and joyful environment that fosters emotional security and healthy attachment.
  • Empower your child’s learning and growth. Discover age-appropriate activities that promote cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  • Connect with your child on a deeper level. Gain valuable insights into child development and build a strong bond with your little one.
  • Discover an effective roadmap for new parents navigating life in a new country.


Watch Baby Map in your own language by clicking below.

Baby Maps partners

Baby Map was initiated by STARTTS and is made possible by the generous collaboration and financial support of NSW Government Refugee Health Service, Karitane & NSW Health Hunter New England Local Health District and of course, New Horizons.

This collaboration ensures that vital resources are available to families across diverse backgrounds, fostering healthy development and enriching the lives of children everywhere.

Start your Baby Map journey today and watch your child blossom