Meet some of our Packing Superheroes

When working with Packable you provide workplace training and meaningful employment to people with diverse needs. Doing business with Packable is not only commercially viable but socially responsible.

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Rosalyn works with us since 1984 and is now in her 34th year with New Horizons Packable Packaging Services in North Ryde.

She likes working here as she feels supported and valued. She likes assembling Canon deco boxes and packing Canon inks.


Andrew started in New Horizons in 1995. He is in his 28th year with us and works 2 days a week in our North Ryde Factory.

He likes working in CSR products applying screw retainers to the different sizes of steel brackets.


Susie enjoys the variety of work tasks Packable has to offer since 2008. She loves seeing and chatting with friends and representing her colleagues as a Packable Workers Committee Member at meetings and making decision that help to benefit their workplace.


Peter has been working with us since 2001 and is now in his 21st year. Peter enjoys making new friends, talking about movies and working on Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates


Liz started in New Horizons in 1994. She likes helping others and loves cleaning the kitchen or kitting various show bags.


Carmel has been working with us since 2004. She likes all varieties of jobs, specifically on BluTac, Canon inks and Showbags and enjoys the social aspect of working with the Packable Team.


Ian enjoys assembling Canon Decal Boxes and packing Canon inks since 2006. In his free time, he loves going to the family property on the south coast and riding his quad bike.


Emma started at Packable, New Horizons in 2002 and has worked 4 days a week ever since in the Packable factory in North Ryde.

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Work in a safe environment.
Variety of work options.
Grow your skills and confidence.
Make new friends.

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