Examples Of Our Previous Work

Packable is your one-stop packaging and assembly provider that delivers the best experience and supports your brand in conveying quality, efficiency and best results. 

Packable has it covered when your products need to be:

  • Sleeved or bundled
  • Barcoded
  • Labelled and relabelled
  • Shrink-wrapped 
  • Individually handled 
  • Assembled and reassembled 
  • Packed
  • Stored
  • Product label application for flat and round surface products
  • Shrink-wrapping, printing of barcodes and application
  • We have recently kitted more than 2 million Covid 19 RAT Tests
  • Light assembly work to Bradford insulation materials
  • We are kitting and packing more than 45 different types of inks. Shrink-wrapping, cameras and lenses, as well as ink cartridges and kitting both manual and machine packs
  • Each year we pack more than 10,000 Easter Showbags

  • … and countless events & conference bags

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